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4 min readAug 6, 2019

Have you ever thought of standing as a diviner to seek to cross the sea in Vietnam? You are no need to live in this country but still experience that great feeling? Do not forget to come to the three sea route below.

1. Diep Son

Diep Son

Referring to the roads across the sea in Vietnam, people must think immediately Diep Son — a hot name, constantly check in place of young people on social networks. Diep Son (Hon Bim) is a group of 3 islands in Van Phong, Khanh Hoa Province. The unique character here is the three islands connected by the sea route. This road is nearly 700 m long, about 1 m wide. However, it is less than half a meter deep in the sea. Only when the water is dry will this new embodiment of the sea. When the tide goes up, it silently sinks into the water. Also because of this strange charm, Diep Son is one of the rare places you can walk on the sea.

Diep Son Island is quite close to shore, so going from land to the island is quite fast and convenient. There are 2 piers to the island. One main port in Van Gia goes further (about 1 hour) and only one train departs at 9 am.

On the island of Diep Son now, it has a homestay service and the food is quite adequate. There is also a kayak rental service for guests to experience many interesting things. In particular, you can also try beachside camping or party outdoors to have the happiest moments. Many young people have checked in this road across the sea in Vietnam. Diep Son has white sand, clear blue water, and beautiful grass mop, and peaceful. This makes tourists cannot help coming back to this place.

2. Dien Yen (Hon Noi)

Dien YenThe second place you can walk on the sea is Yen Island (Hon Noi, Khanh Hoa). Not only that the second route through the sea in Vietnam as this proves it’s unique with double super splendid beaches. From the white sand, although you turn any direction, it is still a blue sea to see the bottom.

From Cau Da Port, Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa, you spend nearly 1 hour to go to Yen Island. Due to the bird’s nest nesting place, allowing visitors to visit this place is quite strict. This is only for tourism from March to September every year because this is the harvest time of the nest. So if you want to get to the beach across the sea in Vietnam, you have to book tours.

The interesting thing about this double beach is that it is hot on one side and cold on one side created by currents. This is also the only waterway in Vietnam that owns this miracle. Tourists will have been walking through the sea and struggle at the beach couple. Currently, the tour to Yen Island costs about 350.000 VND, includes a pick-up service.

3. Nhat Tu Son Island

Nhat Tu Son Island

Not only Khanh Hoa but also in the country of yellow flowers on the green grass, you can also promote the sea walk. That is the island of Tu Nhat Son, 50 km from Ho Chi Minh City. The road through the sea is just like a strip of land across the sea, sinking under the water and only reveal when the tide is down.

The road is about 300 meters long, so you can completely wade or walk on the sand of the island depending on the time of day. From 1st to 15th every month, water will withdraw in the afternoon. The remaining days will be withdrawn in the morning (lunar calendar).

It is not natural that Nhat Tu Son appears this way. Local people say that Nhat Tu Son island is located in the middle of the sea and make two waves North and South push each other. Around September every year is the time when these two waves are the strongest. At that time, the wave carries the sand and accidentally accumulates on a high rise road stretching from the mainland to the island.

I have just introduced for your top 3 unique sea route in Vietnam. In this holiday, do not forget to travel to this country to experience the wonderful moments with family or friends. I am sure that it will not make you disappointed.